So, it is my bad skin 1 year anniversary around now. Happy or sad, I think I am happy to have had this experience. Whenever I see someone with acne, I know exactly how they feel about their face and the self consciousness, the constant wishing it would just disappear. I would never judge anyone who has acne. It has been quite a journey if you look throughout my blog.

Some products seem to work to begin with, then my skin gets out of control again.

While I was on MPH Roadtrip, one of the lovely girls I met recommended to me a natural Australian skincare brand called Moogoo. She said that it cured her acne and her skin is better than it has ever been. And I agree, her face was spotless, you would never even know that she suffered from acne before.

So I was keen to try it, but I quickly forgot when I arrived home from the Roadtrip. So more than a month passed, I was looking up Australian skincare brands and I saw Moogoo and a lightbulb lit in my brain. Straight away I visited their website and did my research on makupalley. It had great reviews so I ordered.

Moogoo products have honestly saved my face.

I ordered the Milk Wash, Oil Cleanser, Full Cream and Skin Milk. I received a free oatmeal soap sample which actually smells amazing.

I use the Milk Wash to wash my face, the oil cleanser to remove make up and the full cream to moisturise.

I bought the Skin Milk for my sister since her skin is more on the oily side. But it was very light, so it would probably be best for Summer time. Now that it is winter, my sister uses the full cream with me as well.

After only one day of using it, when I woke up, my skin was honestly different already. The redness was mostly gone and no new pimples! This was honestly the biggest and fastest change I noticed with a new product.

After one to two weeks of using Moogoo, I stopped feeling the need to wear make up. Yes scars are still there, but I was not scared to show my face because I can finally see it shining through. When I have acne, I feel as though my face is the background and the pimples are in the foreground for everyone to stare at. But now, after 3 weeks of use, I am confident that this is my HG.

Even my sister said that she didn’t get any pimples using Moogoo. She is not a natural fanatic like me and even she loves it. She feels it gives her skin a break from chemicals.

I have regained confidence in my looks and I am not afraid to look people in the eyes. Sleepovers aren’t as confronting now (showing my bare face).

I have been using Moogoo for about three weeks now and most of the obvious pimples are now gone. Now I only have inconspicuous small clogged pores rather than nasty cysts. I am hoping with prolonged use the clogged pores will vanish as well.

When I put on make up now, my skin looks great! My acne scars on my cheeks and dark circles is the reason why I still use make up.

One of the best things is the price. The price is much more reasonable than other products I have tried. It is not the cheapest like drugstore products but you get a lot for what you pay for! The Milk Wash is $17.50 for 500ml. That will honestly last me a whole year.

So, I absolutely reccommend this if you have used other natural skincare products such as Bee Yummy Skinfood, Hemp Hemp Hooray Skin Soothe and Trilogy Rosehip Oil and they have not worked. These did not work for me in the long run, and made me lose faith in natural skincare products. Not bagging it, I know some people swear by it, but for people like me where neither worked well, this is the best natural product that I have ever used.

Their site is if you want to buy their products if you don’t live in Australia. They have very cute packaging and website (adorable cows) and their philosophy for the need for natural products is strong and true. If you live in Australia, they have a list of stockists so check it out. Today, I was in the city and bought a large 250g tub of Full Cream for only $17.50 in the Haymarket which I felt good about. I love discounts!

Product Rating: A+
I am in no way affiliated with Moogoo and these are my own personal opinions.